Member Sites

Some of our members maintain their own websites. To learn more about the activities and accomplishments of these members, click on the following links.

Nicole Parsons
Nicole is a writer, editor and storytelling teacher with 15 years experience inspiring people to tell their own personal stories. She has written a novella, Little Fire, and will launch a local radio storytelling program, Wet Mountain Valley Dry Goods on KLZR 91.7 in Westcliffe. Learn more at

Jennifer Sweete
Jennifer is an author and writers' blogger and helper. Her book on self-mastery, Dear Sandy - The letter that wrote itself into a Book, and her Memoir/Poetry book, The Poet and The Widow, are making their way up the charts. She is presently serving as President of the Chaffee County Writers Exchange.

Kristen Moeller
Kristen is a best-selling author and author-coach for women over 50 who have walked through the fires of life and desire to live their legacy through writing a book. She also leads "Fire Walking Writing Retreats" and has spoken at several Ted Talks. She is presently serving the Chaffee County Writers Exchange as Vice President.

Bar Scott
Bar has published the memoir, The Present Giver, (2011, ALM) and is currently working on her second, tentatively called Live a Life, Write a Song. She is the producer of the Wet Mountain Writers Workshop in Westcliffe, Colorado, and leads retreats and workshops, as well as working with writers on a one-to-one basis.

Alissa Johnson
Alissa is an editor at the Crested Butte News and an award winning writer and writing coach. Her writing has won awards from FundsforWriters and the Colorado Press Association.

Marcy Adams
Marcy's book, The Gate: Finding Wisdom Within, accesses both hemispheres of the brain by combining story and workbook. She also has a website, Las Palomas de Luz, which describes her Center for Transformation and Healing.

Doris Dembosky
A a columnist and blogger, Doris taught composition and creative writing at Pueblo Community College. 

Wendy Oliver
A description of her novels in process, aimed at middle grade students.

Jane Provorse
A Linked-In site giving Jane's education and experience (but no mention of her play staged in Westcliff!).

Cary Unkelbach
A link to Cary's website with a tab for her twice a month blog, Leads and Leashes, which alternates posts about writing and dogs. To help other writers save time and avoid some headaches, she shares investigative tools and tips that she used for articles and her current narrative nonfiction book.

Maria Weber
Pinon Valley Press, a publishing site featuring Maria's book, I'll Be There to Write the Story: A Mother-Daughter Journey Beyond Death. She is presently serving the Chaffee County Writers Exchange as Membership Chairperson.

Laurel McHargue
Author of Miss and Waterwight and Haiku's Amuse- Leadville Laurel's website for blog, books, and book reviews. Make sure to sign up for her wonderful newsletter!

Dee Lee
Miss Dee's books are written for self-empowerment for all ages. Her book, Health, Astrology, and Spirituality, has been used by doctors in the field of psychology to assist their patients with self-empowerment and personal growth.

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